The  primary objectives for these inspections were:
1. Ensure enough space to prevent swarming
2. No queen cells
3. Brood/stores expanding for arrival of new queens
4. Brian’s colony increasing after Shook Swarm

Rowan’s Colony (see pics below )
inspected by Rowan Roberts
Brood & Half;  X1 Super
Brood/ stores expanding rapidly
Eggs seen
‘Play cups’ only
Starting to look congested
Stores removed from top brood creating space
Added to additional super
Good for populating new colonies
Plan: Shook swarm afterwards

Brian’s Colony inspected by Graham Rowden
(See below for the full shook swarm video
plus the follow-up after 10 days)

Single brood
Foundation rapidly drawn out
Rapid feeder replenished 1:1
Looking good

Richard’s colony inspected by
Rowan Roberts (L) & Chris Clark (R)

Double brood; Plus brood above QE
Brood/ stores expanding
No queen cells
Starting to look congested
Stores removed from brood boxes creating space
Added to ‘top’ brood box
Evidence of wax moth
Good for populating new colonies

Dean Gregory

Hive 1b .

Queen seen . Bees calm . 3 supers .

6 frames of brood . 2 less than last week .

Probably due to the wet week .

Peter Reader – Hive 3 Reports 

Friendly bees, some chalkbrood, 7 frames BIAS. One open queen cell removed.  Put the Queen in top brood box with QE between the two brood boxes so they couldn’t swarm plus they had plenty of foundation to draw out.

Photos copyright Chris Clark ©

Top Left – Ant Picking up Varroa Mite
Top Mid – …..and walking off with it
Top Right – From Rowans congested hive, where comb was built above frames

Middle left – Healthy ‘C-Shaped’ pearly white, segmented larvae
Middle Mid – Worker larvae were seen in the longitudinal section.
Middle Right – Varroa mite on larva

Bottom left – Evidence of Chalk brood on varroa board