For 2021- 2 PDBKA is planning winter and early Spring training groups for members interested in following/attaining BBKA training qualifications:

Bee Basic – Practical assessment to promote new beekeepers’ training and knowledge and good practice of basic husbandry.

Bee Health  – to promote practical and theoretical knowledge of bee diseases increasingly prevalent due to climate change.

Module 2theoretical assessment of products of the hive from nectar collection by bees to honey processing by beekeeper.

General Husbandry – Practical assessment to promote intermediate beekeepers’ training and knowledge of bee husbandry, products of the hive, bee diseases and queen rearing.

To cover the theory, sessions will start on zoom unless the group wishes otherwise.

Bee Basic and Bee health are practical assessments and hands on so once the apiary opens, there will be a couple of practical sessions.

The modules are written papers.  Module 2 is offered at this time, other modules are available.

Members can join any of these groups and don’t have to do the assessments or paper at the end.

If interested please contact before Christmas for a start in January.