On Sunday we held the long expected honey-extraction session at the PCC. Clashing with August Bank-holiday was not perfect timing but, as Graham Rowden put it, we have to follow the bees schedule not the country’s!

During the week three of the Apiary Custodians removed supers isolated by Porter bee escapes during the previous meeting and then gathered early on Sunday to collect all the equipment necessary for uncapping, spinning, filtering, settling & bottling the honey.

Fifteen members then spent a happy couple of hours working and chatting – with hardly a spill. (last year’s lesson – remember to drain the spinner before it overflows & gums up the works; this years lesson – keep an eye on the double strainer even if it is over an empty bucket. If the inflow exceeds the outflow, sticky feet ensue).

I am confident that, with Graham on the tap, Mel on the scales & David Hall screwing on caps, the Association has 50 pots of honey from which to select 11 to enter the Honey Show.